Eat Streets

There’s no shortage of places to eat in Fairfield City. Find some of the best foods for all tastes and budgets at these buzzing precincts.


A steady wave of Vietnamese and Cambodian migrants has come to call Cabramatta home, bringing their colourful cultures and traditions with them to the bustling eat streets and laneways of this thriving town centre. A visit here is a multi-sensory experience with throngs of people from all walks of life, scents of freshly baked bread and Southeast Asian spices lingering in the air, and everything from fresh fruit to textiles adding to the energetic street scene. Come along and lose yourself in a world where cultures calmly collide – it’s downtown Hanoi meets Aussie café culture.

Must try:

  • Giant bowls of beef pho, Sydney’s best bánh mì, or glazed duck and Vietnamese pancakes.


Canley Heights

Meandering down Canley Vale Road, the central spine of Canley Heights’ buzzing dining precinct, you’d think you required a passport given the plethora of international bites on offer. From traditional Lao, Thai, Vietnamese and contemporary Korean to upmarket Japanese, Middle Eastern street food and American fare, this southwest Sydney food hub should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Canley Heights was featured in The West Journal, click here to read the article.(PDF, 9MB)

Must try:

  • Caramel coated deep fried ice cream, Lao-style pork sausages, or perfectly seared Japanese scallops


Canley Vale 

Old-school meets new-school in Canley Vale, with decade-old local favourites still delivering tasty meals alongside new eateries that have popped up more recently. The town centre is known for its Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurants, but many others add to the mix. Its proximity to the Sydney Trains network means this southwest Sydney locale could easily be your next foodie adventure.

Canley Vale was featured in The West Journal, click here to read the article.

Must try:

  • Pull-apart suckling pig, eggs your way with lashings of maple bacon, giant bowls of pork tonkotsu ramen, shuck chili-spiced oysters, or barbecue your own Korean sautéed squid.



Venture on a gastronomic journey of Europe and the Middle East, with a splash of Southeast Asian and Latin American cuisine added for good measure. Easily accessible by public transport, cycling and car, the thriving multicultural city centre boasts a feast of dishes from numerous iconic local restaurants and cafes.

Must try:

  • Traditional empanadas, marinated barbecued meats and shawarma coated in house-made tangy tahini dressing.


Smithfield / Wetherill Park

Large migrant communities have shaped Smithfield / Wetherill Park and its surrounds over the years, bringing family tradition and intergenerational recipes to the forefront of quality home cooked meals and the suburb’s authentic dining scene.

Must try:

  • Pickled lotus stems with Vietnamese mint and kumquat, soy-glazed barbecue beef short rib, or hand cut pappardelle with osso buco ragú. Finish off with Italian meringue served with seasonal berries, balsamic, mascarpone, and elderflower syrup.