Night-time Vibes

Fairfield City comes to live after dark in the following places - check it out!

Canley Heights

Canley Vale Road is the absolute place to go for night-time dining, drinks, karaoke, and desserts. 

It's family friendly, with lots of cafes, and the kids love playing in the Town Square.

Southeast Asian vibe popular with locals. 

Canley Vale

Just down the road from Canley Heights is the smaller but just as exciting Canley Vale. 

You'll find bars with a handy railway station to get you from Liverpool, Parramatta, Granville and anywhere else. 

Come for Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine before you hit the bars.


The locals start here for food options that of course involves the best of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Many come for snacks including skewers, fried chicken, and self-cooking ramen.  

Cabramatta is the bubble tea capital, handy for those wanting to escape a wedding reception for a while. 


An emerging night-time centre that is popular with Lebanese communities. 

There is also an Asian fusion option. 

Villawood is accessible by car and train with plenty of parking after hours. 


Located at the intersection of Cumberland Highway and The Horsley Drive. 

You will find the very best of Italian cuisine at one of the City's signature restaurants. 

Located in the iconic old Smithfield Post Office is a bar open till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  


Going to the movies? There are many eat in options at Stocklands. 

An open air eat street offers a range of popular food; you won't go hungry. 

A popular place for the locals.